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I've been a photographer, or should I say I've been into Photography almost all my life.
As I state on my Photonaturalist Website, owning a Camera doesn't make you any more a Photographer than owning a Piano makes you a Musician.
Iit takes time to learn the tools and equipment and study many techniques and work hard to become a Photographer..
like anything it comes easy to some and harder to others.
I was fortunate though to have a Photographer Father who taught me from an early age.
I had fun printing and developing my own images in his dark room as early as 7 or 8 years old, and he never passed a camera shop without stopping and explaining something to us.
In my teen years, with our Local camera clubs I spent time with my Father in the Lake and Peak districts on various camera club outings and photo experiences. These times were invaluable and are still very potent in my thoughts.
His great Love was the Ocean and he must have photographed almost every ship that passed through or visited the UK from the 1950's until he sadly passed away after losing his fight with Cancer.

I share his love for the ocean, for rivers and in fact for water masses in general.. there's nothing more pleasing than a day on the river or by the sea, and having one of my camera's along with a variety of lenses is an absolute must.
These places are teeming with Life, there's so many activities taking place that the camera rarely sits in its waterproof case but is on my lap as we tootle up the rivers in our inflatable 3mtr Rib.
I have to say the Digital Age has made this all the more possible.
These days I spend as much time as I can doing these things and decided to start to Categorise my images on different websites rather than block the whole lot together and thereby bring pleasure to those who enjoy a particular subject rather than searching through thousands of images looking for the odd Kingfisher on a Surf and Sports website etc.
I will try to remember to add links to some of my other websites here for those who just enjoy my images and would like to see my other stuff..
I trust you'll find something of pleasure amongst my images.. so for now enjoy the site and photographs.



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